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Saturday, December 5, 2009

'SWEET moments Contest by lensaMama'


Now, there are another baby’s contest for your babies… this time it was organized by lensamama.blogspot.com… The theme for this contest is 'SWEET moments'. For detail information...just click this picture
So don’t miss out OK!!!

Actually,having heard that there was another baby contest , I’m so excited since i did’t won the contest organized by mombloggers before…but nevermind, we’ll try our luck in this contest…

I can't imagines if we had a chance to get a SWEET moments with lensaMama for Two (2) hours of unlimited fun in return if we win this contest…hows wonderful time…don’t you…Hopefully and perhaps we will get it…so pray for our luck okes!!! :)

As we already introduced our first baby in the last contest..so,herewith I wanna introduce my 2nd baby…

he was born on : 13032008

Sweetness in this photo;

At the time this lovely picture has been taken, it was a very wonderful time to be remembered and such a sweeties moment to be described…it is because;

  • this is the moment which i and my husband celebrated our 4th Anniversary together with my Birthday…such a LOVELY moment

  • this is the moment which we had fully spent our time and having fun with our lovely babies…so FUN

  • this is the first time we having the Le Tour de Cameron together..as a wife and mom :)...so EXCITED

  • this is the moment which we were very happy recording every minutes of our sweeties' actions..with our new camera...such a BEAUTIFUL moment

  • this is the moment which we were really enjoyed took pictures of our kids eating their first time sweet Strawberry’s lolipops...so SWEET..

  • n this is the moment which we were really enjoyed and happy exploring the Cameron Highland since we have the babies...great ADVENTURES..

After all, all of these moments are the SWEETEST MOMENT that we had in our sweet memories and it will freshen up when we look up back at that picture…

Best Regards;Mamasofea

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